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Membership Guide & Benefits of Radio


Have a look at our membership package. Standard membership is FREE, so there is nothing to stop you!

Get involved and share your business knowledge and experience.

Unsure about the benefits of Radio as a means to reach new customers?

Check the industry statistics that show Radio is one of the most powerful forms of media to reach business owners and decision makers during the working day.






Audio items & written content


We have 4 audio items:

1/Business Profile

2/Business Insight

3/60-second business pitch


This guide walks you through each item, how to record it, length and duration of the feature and how to structure your audio piece.

MBR members can send all their audio for broadcast and our production team will edit and mix all audio before transmission to ensure you sound perfect and professional every time.




Guide to recording audio on your smartphone


All you need is a smart phone to record broadcast quality audio!

Here are some insider tips we can share with you to make the quality even better.

You don’t need to be a sound engineer, just follow our guide to ensure your recording is perfect first time.

Remember all audio is edited and mixed by our production team before broadcast.






How Content Marketing works for your business


Understanding how buyers buy, is crucial to any business aiming to sell goods or services.

The buying process has changed and consumers and businesses are more informed, better buyers.

They have more knowledge and information on your business and your competitors than ever before.

So how do you stay ahead of the competition? By informing buyers and becoming part of their decision making journey.

Read more to see how MBR can compliment your marketing strategy.





Download ‘As featured on MBR’ logo for your website

All members can use the following image and logo for use on their website and digital marketing.

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